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Kentucky, United States


Tree: Moore-Preece Family Tree

Latitude: 38.2004167, Longitude: -84.8776250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alafair  1813Kentucky, United States I3879
2 Annie B.  Abt 1881Kentucky, United States I7150
3 Charity  Abt 1848Kentucky, United States I719
4 Cordella  1888Kentucky, United States I199
5 Dolly  Abt 1872Kentucky, United States I808
6 Eliza  1849Kentucky, United States I652
7 Elizabeth  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I2087
8 Elizabeth  1858Kentucky, United States I6894
9 Elizabeth  Jan 1858Kentucky, United States I4388
10 Emma  Abt 1893Kentucky, United States I5555
11 Erma  1895Kentucky, United States I1861
12 John  1835Kentucky, United States I3264
13 Lena  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I605
14 Louisa J  Abt 1844Kentucky, United States I762
15 Malissa  Abt 1882Kentucky, United States I7251
16 Margaret  1862Kentucky, United States I1383
17 Mary  1845Kentucky, United States I1692
18 Mary  Jan 1872Kentucky, United States I3192
19 Mary  1892Kentucky, United States I1612
20 Matilda  1887Kentucky, United States I2305
21 Minnie Jemima  Abt 1858Kentucky, United States I7290
22 Nancy  Abt 1812Kentucky, United States I3221
23 Nancy  1841Kentucky, United States I1836
24 Nancy  Dec 1873Kentucky, United States I2671
25 Patty E  1870Kentucky, United States I4093
26 Polly  1805Kentucky, United States I1618
27 Polly  Abt 1885Kentucky, United States I3627
28 William  1838Kentucky, United States I3119
29 ALLEY, Rebecca  Abt 1850Kentucky, United States I877
30 ARROWOOD, Andrew J  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I1844
31 ARROWOOD, Clyde  1905Kentucky, United States I4569
32 ARROWOOD, Elener  1897Kentucky, United States I3127
33 ARROWOOD, George  1908Kentucky, United States I2987
34 ARROWOOD, Harriet  Abt 1877Kentucky, United States I2736
35 ARROWOOD, Joseph B  1901Kentucky, United States I1525
36 ARROWOOD, Mary E  May 1877Kentucky, United States I4136
37 ARROWOOD, Nancy  Abt 1871Kentucky, United States I233
38 ARROWOOD, Tandy B  1908Kentucky, United States I737
39 ARROWOOD, Trinvilla  Abt 1869Kentucky, United States I379
40 ARROWOOD, William Garrett  1868Kentucky, United States I89
41 BERTIE  Abt 1867Kentucky, United States I266
42 BLACKBURN, Burgess  1904Kentucky, United States I2282
43 BLACKBURN, Burgess  11 Dec 1934Kentucky, United States I933
44 BLACKBURN, Clifford  27 Nov 1923Kentucky, United States I2848
45 BLACKBURN, Daisy  1887Kentucky, United States I607
46 BLACKBURN, Dewey  28 Nov 1898Kentucky, United States I275
47 BLACKBURN, Dike  Abt 1885Kentucky, United States I3614
48 BLACKBURN, Ernestine  25 Jan 1926Kentucky, United States I4121
49 BLACKBURN, Hutson  1873Kentucky, United States I1531
50 BLACKBURN, Malinda Jane  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I2846

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACKBURN, Burgess  9 Mar 1997Kentucky, United States I933
2 BLACKBURN, Nancy Jane  14 Dec 1978Kentucky, United States I1908
3 CASSADAY, Bishop  24 May 1921Kentucky, United States I100
4 HOWARD, Isaac  1900Kentucky, United States I3967
5 HOWARD, James  15 Apr 1906Kentucky, United States I3993
6 KIRK, Ruth  26 Apr 2012Kentucky, United States I1387
7 MCCLUNG, Nancy  May 1789Kentucky, United States I5984
8 MCCOY, John  8 Sep 1872Kentucky, United States I4109
9 MOORE, Flem II  Bef 2 May 1936Kentucky, United States I5584
10 MOORE, Robert  22 Mar 1922Kentucky, United States I1494
11 MOORE, Sampson  24 Sep 1951Kentucky, United States I1554
12 MOORE, Sarah Alice  Between 1913 and 1917Kentucky, United States I2046
13 MUNCY, James Homer  5 Aug 1990Kentucky, United States I756
14 MUNCY, Mary Alice  19 Sep 2002Kentucky, United States I1114
15 MUNCY, Rebecca Jane  20 Sep 1996Kentucky, United States I4610
16 PORTER, Samuel Walker  14 Dec 1867Kentucky, United States I7298
17 REED, Homer  21 Dec 2003Kentucky, United States I1710
18 RUNYON, Adrion  31 Jan 1984Kentucky, United States I5548
19 STATON, James  Bef 1940Kentucky, United States I5544
20 WARD, Mary  1880Kentucky, United States I2973
21 WARD, William J  9 Jun 1904Kentucky, United States I2356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Jun 1867Kentucky, United States I1383
2 Minnie Jemima  Abt 1870Kentucky, United States I7290
3 BRANHAM, Earl  1912Kentucky, United States I3113
4 BRANHAM, Exer  Abt 1906Kentucky, United States I3898
5 BRANHAM, Malvie  1904Kentucky, United States I211
6 BRANHAM, Tandy  1887Kentucky, United States I4305
7 CLINE, Peter  Jan 1838Kentucky, United States I3595
8 DAMRON, Henry  May 1870Kentucky, United States I3152
9 DAMRON, William  Abt 1898Kentucky, United States I3297
10 DELONG, Hiram Jefferson  Abt 1848Kentucky, United States I16
11 DELONG DELANEY, James Marion  Abt 1863Kentucky, United States I2025
12 DEMPSEY, Fannie  Feb 1881Kentucky, United States I4387
13 FARLEY, Emma  Jul 1862Kentucky, United States I972
14 FIELDS, Amy  Abt 1847Kentucky, United States I1224
15 FIELDS, Henry Albert  May 1897Kentucky, United States I1552
16 FIELDS, Mae  Abt 1919Kentucky, United States I4099
17 FIELDS, Virgie  27 Jun 1894Kentucky, United States I2259
18 GINN, Katherine  Feb 1865Kentucky, United States I720
19 HANEY, Samuel  Abt 1853Kentucky, United States I2947
20 HAROLD, Mariann  Abt 1843Kentucky, United States I1132
21 HOWARD, Benjamin Harrison  May 1892Kentucky, United States I4378
22 HOWARD, James  Jan 1840Kentucky, United States I3993
23 HOWARD-PREECE, James Harvey Samuel  13 Nov 1913Kentucky, United States I4351
24 JAMES, Susannah  Jun 1837Kentucky, United States I7264
25 KIRK, Augustus  1898Kentucky, United States I3303
26 KIRK, Clay  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I4462
27 KIRK, Ethel  Nov 1896Kentucky, United States I2703
28 LUSTER, Jane  1865Kentucky, United States I2354
29 MAYNARD, George  Jul 1879Kentucky, United States I235
30 MAYNARD, Matilda  1894Kentucky, United States I3723
31 MEADE, Sampson  1837Kentucky, United States I3345
32 MOORE, Abraham Lincoln  1868Kentucky, United States I2361
33 MOORE, Anjalina  Abt 1857Kentucky, United States I2092
34 MOORE, Elizabeth  May 1884Kentucky, United States I4176
35 MOORE, Emery J  Abt 1860Kentucky, United States I2667
36 MOORE, Harrison  1892Kentucky, United States I2508
37 MOORE, Herbert  1902Kentucky, United States I1362
38 MOORE, James  1897Kentucky, United States I989
39 MOORE, Jesse  Abt 1901Kentucky, United States I3733
40 MOORE, Joseph  Abt 1848Kentucky, United States I305
41 MOORE, Levisa  1903Kentucky, United States I2459
42 MOORE, Nellie M  Abt 1891Kentucky, United States I1011
43 MOORE, Oscar  Abt 1915Kentucky, United States I336
44 MOORE, Rebecca Jane  26 Jun 1905Kentucky, United States I2050
45 MOORE, Richard  1893Kentucky, United States I899
46 MOORE, Sarah  2 Jul 1922Kentucky, United States I3686
47 MOORE, Sarah Alice  1898Kentucky, United States I4609
48 MOORE, Sillar  1902Kentucky, United States I2098
49 MOORE, Teresa Tracy J  Apr 1877Kentucky, United States I3669
50 MOORE, Wesley  Dec 1856Kentucky, United States I3346

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 JUSTICE, King D  Kentucky, United States I2325
2 MOORE, William Howard Taft  Kentucky, United States I2307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 CRUM, Michael  10 Sep 1814Kentucky, United States I813
2 DELONG DELANEY, William  Kentucky, United States I982
3 GREEN, Lewis Jr  Between 1833 and 1835Kentucky, United States I1582
4 MEADE, Sampson  Kentucky, United States I3345
5 PORTER, John Walker  1835Kentucky, United States I1334
6 PREECE, Henry H  Kentucky, United States I1555
7 PREECE, William B  Kentucky, United States I3126
8 STEPP, Moses  Between 1833 and 1848Kentucky, United States I2555
9 STEPP, Moses  Between 1849 and 1864Kentucky, United States I2555
10 TILLER, Hiram Jr  15 May 1944Kentucky, United States I2079
11 WARD, Shadrach  Kentucky, United States I4490


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CASSADAY / STEPP  12 Nov 1919Kentucky, United States F1578
2 COPLEY / MARCUM  20 Feb 1817Kentucky, United States F892
3 CRUM /   10 Feb 1825Kentucky, United States F1089
4 CRUM / WRIGHT  7 Apr 1822Kentucky, United States F935
5 HOWARD /   30 Mar 1820Kentucky, United States F517
6 HOWARD / MCDANIEL  1835Kentucky, United States F212
7 HOWARD / STEPP  30 Mar 1820Kentucky, United States F919
8 MCCOY /   12 Feb 1817Kentucky, United States F467
9 PARSLEY / MUNCY  Abt 1930Kentucky, United States F69
10 PREECE / PREECE  1895Kentucky, United States F1746
11 ROBINSON / MUNCY  Abt 1921Kentucky, United States F2116
12 RUNYON / CLARK  Abt 1935Kentucky, United States F2007


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 HOBBS / HORN  Bef 1865Kentucky, United States F1244