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Virginia, United States


Tree: Moore-Preece Family Tree

Latitude: 37.5481167, Longitude: -77.4467472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza A  Apr 1866Virginia, United States I1931
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1812Virginia, United States I3298
3 Eura S  Abt 1905Virginia, United States I1161
4 Hannah  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I788
5 Hannah J  Abt 1836Virginia, United States I3634
6 Louisa  Abt 1848Virginia, United States I3752
7 Manda  Abt 1904Virginia, United States I1637
8 Mary  1862Virginia, United States I2943
9 Matilda  1828Virginia, United States I669
10 Sarah A  Abt 1845Virginia, United States I4780
11 Virginia Jane  1801Virginia, United States I4414
12 BAKER, Cecil  18 Jul 1902Virginia, United States I4741
13 BARTRAM, Angeline  Abt 1834Virginia, United States I3890
14 BARTRAM, John  1814Virginia, United States I2901
15 BLACKBURN, William  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I3423
16 BRANHAM, Elizabeth  1843Virginia, United States I3272
17 BRANHAM, Elizabeth  Dec 1886Virginia, United States I1786
18 BRANHAM, Ida  Feb 1881Virginia, United States I351
19 BRANHAM, Richard  1847Virginia, United States I1588
20 BRANHAM, Tandy  1850Virginia, United States I1129
21 BROWN, Elizabeth  1790Virginia, United States I1767
22 CARR, Herbert Lee  Abt 1899Virginia, United States I6634
23 CHAPMAN, Edward Thornton  1847Virginia, United States I1416
24 CHAPMAN, Eliza S  1856Virginia, United States I522
25 CHAPMAN, John C  1859Virginia, United States I4424
26 CHAPMAN, Polly Ann  1849Virginia, United States I2312
27 CHAPMAN, William Jr.  1861Virginia, United States I2750
28 CHAPMAN, William B  Abt 1823Virginia, United States I3579
29 COLLINS, Hannah  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I7039
30 COOK, Joe  Abt 1847Virginia, United States I725
31 COPLEY, Elizabeth  1842Virginia, United States I2130
32 COPLEY, James  Abt 1793Virginia, United States I1145
33 COPLEY, Julia Ann  Mar 1853Virginia, United States I1942
34 COPLEY, Rebecca  1841Virginia, United States I963
35 COPLEY, Sarah A  1840Virginia, United States I1963
36 COPLEY, Thomas  1836Virginia, United States I4231
37 COTTRILL, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1858Virginia, United States I4771
38 CRUM, William  1804Virginia, United States I3491
39 CUMMINGS, Adaline  Abt 1834Virginia, United States I4224
40 CUMMINGS, Adeline  1834Virginia, United States I1027
41 DENNY, Jane  1765Virginia, United States I7197
42 DOLIN, William  Abt 1839Virginia, United States I4779
43 ENDICOTT, James  Abt 1848Virginia, United States I1650
44 FAIN, Emezella  1856Virginia, United States I6184
45 FAIN, Peggy  Abt 1879Virginia, United States I722
46 FAIN, Ruth  1853Virginia, United States I6185
47 FAIN, Thompson  1859Virginia, United States I6183
48 FARLEY, Charlotte M  Abt 1855Virginia, United States I5090
49 FARLEY, William Clay  Abt 1821Virginia, United States I7032
50 FARRIS, Harmon A  Abt 1909Virginia, United States I6645

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COX, Sarah  1751Virginia, United States I5952
2 HOWARD, Samuel  1825Virginia, United States I2277
3 PRESTON, Thomas  29 Jul 1797Virginia, United States I3875
4 WALKER, Samuel  May 1778Virginia, United States I5995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MOORE, William  1813Virginia, United States I195
2 WARD, Shadrach  Abt 1786Virginia, United States I4490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 PRESTON, Nathan  Virginia, United States I2197